House Policies
Maximum 6 minors to 1 adult.

Happy Hour
Mon-Fr 4:30-7pm
1/2 Price Cocktails
Beer & Wine Specials

Late Night Happy Hour
Sun-Thurs 9-11pm
1/2 Price Cocktails
Beer & Wine Specials

Power Hour
Mon-Fr 4:30-7pm
60 minutes of video
game play for only $10

Dallas Mavericks vs Houston
Rockets Watch Party
Wednesday, April18 7pm

Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athletics
Watch Party
Wednesday, May 16 7:05pm

Race For The Cure Carb Up
Post Party
May 26, 2012 4pm

8021 Walnut Hill Lane | Dallas , TX 75231 | 214-361-5553

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    Team Building Banner

    Activities for growth, learning and fun

    Teams that play together stay together! Dave & Buster's has a series of structured team building activities that can help your team achieve group goals or renew strengths in a fun, competitive environment.

    Mad Dash
    Your teams will be given three missions to complete on a deadline. The first will challenge teams to earn as many tickets as possible. The winners get a leg up on the second mission, which sends teams in search of items in Dave & Buster’s and among teammates. In the brain games mission, memory, logic and quick thinking will be put to the test.

    • Focuses on leadership
    • Supports talent assessment and problem solving
    • High energy, deadline-oriented team building activity
      Company Challenge
    Your teams will compete at games like Daytona USA, Super Shot Basketball, Super Trivia, PacMan and Skee-ball. The team with the highest overall score wins! Sharing what they have learned about the game and how to excel at it will improve the next player’s performance.

    • Focuses on building camaraderie
    • Supports communication and collaboration
    • Revs up competitive spirits
    Ultimate Quest
    Each team will receive a list of items with point values based on difficulty. Teams search for items, interact with staff and play games to find answers. At the end, each team will come together to create and deliver a team cheer that will be scored! The team with the highest point total wins.
    • Focuses on talent assessment
    • Supports communication and problem solving
    • Race against the clock for competitive scavenger hunt
    D&B Scenes
    In this memorable teambuilding activity, teams select a random theme to build a scene around and a delivery method that defines how they must describe it! Scenes are built using items from the Winner’s Circle, so teams must first win as many tickets as possible playing in the Midway. After the teams have secured the items they need to build their scene, each team presents their scene in their assigned delivery method.
    • Focuses on building camaraderie
    • Supports communication and collaboration
    • Funny, memorable activity requiring creativity