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Wednesday, April18 7pm

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May 26, 2012 4pm

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  • Dave & Buster’s has a series of structured team building activities that can help your team achieve group goals or renew strengths in an already effective team.

    Check out our New Team Building Activities!

    Chart of Team Building Activities

    Why Team Building?
    People bring more than their skill set and experience to a team. They also bring their unique personalities, communication preferences, and work styles. Differences can lead to conflict in these areas and when that happens, productivity, motivation, and overall workplace satisfaction suffer. Participating in group activities that focus on these areas of opportunity will help grow your team by improving understanding, enhancing communication, and a building a collective drive towards goals. The result of all that? Higher quality work in increased quantities getting done by happier employees!

    Balloon Pop – NEW!
    This team building activity requires quick thinking and creativity! Your group will be broken down into teams and given a series of tasks that are hidden inside of inflated balloons. Each team will complete the tasks, be challenged by a team twist, and present their team’s experience in a fun D&B way!

    This team building activity primarily focuses on problem solving, with secondary focuses on enhancing communication and collaboration. Each team will complete a series of tasks to build their ticket stockpile for the group presentation! A sudden change in teams will mean a ticket jackpot for some and a ticket loss for others. How will your teams handle the change and giving up the tickets they worked for? Once the new teams are established, the group will use their new ticket amount to select items from our Winners Circle. These items will be props in a presentation on their team experience.

    Mad Dash - NEW!
    In this high-energy, deadline-oriented team building activity, your group will be broken down into teams and given three missions to complete in a set amount of time. The first mission will challenge the teams to earn as many tickets as possible. The winners get a leg up in the second mission which will send the teams out in search of items within D&B and among their teammates. Finally, wits will be challenged in the brain games mission where memory, logic, and quick thinking will be put to the test.

    This team building activity primarily focuses on leadership, with secondary focuses on talent assessment and problem solving. In order to be successful on each mission, the teams must devise their plans (and quickly!) to play to their members’ strengths. In the first two missions, team members work independently towards a common team goal. In the third mission, your teams must work together sharing their knowledge and/or skills to solve the puzzles.

    Company Challenge
    Rev up your co-workers’ competitive juices and get them ready to compete on a series of Dave & Buster’s games! Your group will be broken down into teams to compete against one another on games like Daytona U.S.A. (simulated car racing), D&B Downs (horse racing), Super Shot (basketball), Super Trivia, PacMan, Battle Royale & Skee-ball. The team with the highest overall score wins!

    This team building activity primarily focuses on building camaraderie, with secondary focuses of enhancing communication and collaboration. Your team will build rapport as they move together through the Challenge games. Each team has players in each round, so if a team member is not actively playing, she is cheering on their teammate! As team members complete each game, they have the opportunity to share their best practices with their teammate who is next in line to play. Sharing what they have learned about the game and how to excel at it will improve the next player’s performance.

    Ultimate Quest
    It’s a race against the clock on this intensely competitive scavenger hunt that takes place inside Dave & Buster’s. Each of your teams will receive a list of items with predetermined point values based on difficulty. Teams search for items, interact with D&B staff and play games to find the answers. At the end of the Quest, each team will come together to create and deliver a team cheer that will be scored by our referees! The team with the highest point total wins.

    This team building activity primarily focuses on talent assessment, with secondary focuses on communication and problem solving. As your teams receive their lists, each group must collectively define their strategy for tackling the tasks at hand. Is one team member a better gamer? Does another prefer the fact-finding missions? Using member’s strengths, the group will devise a divide-and-conquer plan. After the hunt, each team will come together to script and deliver a team cheer.

    Ticket Master
    This two part challenge starts with time in the Million Dollar Midway where your teams try to win as many tickets as possible. Teams will use their tickets to buy pieces to a puzzle that they must solve in order to win. The team that solves the puzzle first is the Ticket Master!

    This team building activity primarily focuses on collaboration, with secondary focuses on communication and building camaraderie. All of your teams will be in the Midway at the same time trying to win as many tickets as possible, so a good game strategy is key! Team members will pool their tickets to buy puzzle pieces so everyone’s winnings are critical for success. Once the puzzle pieces are purchased, each team will try to solve the puzzle using what they were able to purchase. Game and puzzle rounds continue until the puzzle is solved!

    D&B Great Race
    This fast-paced and challenging competition is the ultimate in team work for your group. The Great Race guides teams through an interactive series of tasks in the Million Dollar Midway. Each team must work together to complete as many tasks as possible (one at a time) within a set time frame. The team with the most points wins!

    This team building activity primarily focuses on communication, with secondary focuses on problem solving, and leadership. Your teams will select and complete tasks one at a time and must stay together for the entire activity! Once the initial clue is solved to lead the teams to the task’s game, the group must determine who will play that game to answer the game challenge. The clock will be running, so speed and accuracy are the winning combination!