Everyone's A Winner is
not Available in Canada 

A Winner

... And guess what? You can play and win every day!

Score $250,000

That's right. You could win our grand prize of $250,000 just for spending some quality time with us. All you've got to do is visit your closest Dave & Buster's, hit up The Midway and scan a QR code. It's the easiest and most fun way to win possible.
Winning Could Change Your Life
For real. Our second prize is a bonafide game changer: FREE GAME PLAY FOR LIFE. Which means, it's actually a life changer. So start thinking of ideas on how to live forever so you can really take advantage of this amazing opportunity to begin living your best life.
There's also 3 million other prizes, so no matter what, everyone wins

Dave & Buster’s Everyone’s A Winner** Promotion Official Rules available here