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Dallas Mavericks vs Houston
Rockets Watch Party
Wednesday, April18 7pm

Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athletics
Watch Party
Wednesday, May 16 7:05pm

Race For The Cure Carb Up
Post Party
May 26, 2012 4pm

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    Jurassic Park Arcade
    In Jurassic Park Arcade you must rescue the dinosaurs in a park run amok! Use your high-powered tranquilizer gun to subdue menacing dinosaurs and restore order to the island! There are nine frantic levels of non-stop action, with players working to save over 30 species of dinosaur!

    Time Crisis 5
    Time Crisis 5 is the latest installment in the popular Time Crisis series! Playing across three challenging stages, you’ll be introduced to a brand new dual pedal system. You can now attack from two different positions by stepping on either the left or right foot pedal. The game also features a new weapon-toggle button where players can change weapons during play.

    Check out the latest additions to our Typhoon simulator ride. Pilot an air fighter, check out the toy store at night, explore the spooky pirate park, catch the bad guys on African safari, and go hog wild down on the farm!

    Temple Run
    Race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Avoid obstacles, collect coins and and see how far you can run!

    Dream Raiders
    A fantastic new two-player deluxe game from Sega. Ride a dragon, pilot a UFO, get on horseback or put on your super suits and head for the skies!

    Dark Escape 4D
    See and feel the monsters in a new game that’s in a class of its own. Wearing 3D glasses, try to escape from a mad man by shooting your way out.

    Pac-Man Battle Royale
    The first four player competitive Pac-Man arcade game is here! The object of the game is to eliminate your opponents by eating them and the last Pac-Man standing wins the round. Challenge your pals to the ultimate Pac-Man game on a big-screen.

    Big One Crane
    Bigger and better than any crane you've ever seen...unless you've seen the Dave & Buster's Big One Crane, of course. Everyone will be watching as you pilot a massive claw in a room-sized glass case filled with enormous prizes.

    No other NASCAR-type simulator puts you in a real racecar chassis for real racing excitement! You'll watch the track on a 60" screen, hear it all on a premium sound system and actually feel the car respond to your every move. Vrooom!

    Dave & Buster's Downs
    "Horseplay" is encouraged in this heart-pounding automated racing game for up to 12 of your friends. "And they're off" - when the race begins, put your horse on the fast track by rolling a ball up the ramp. First horse to the finish line wins.

    Dance Dance Revolution
    Express yourself! The music is pumping - can you follow the moves and keep the beat? A pad senses your rhythm: the better you do, the better your character does on screen. Choose from 28 songs and wow 'em with a solo act or rip up the dance floor with a friend.

    Daytona USA
    Experience the rush of high-speed racing with a NASCAR-inspired game that literally puts you in the driver's seat. Seats respond to play so you'll feel the bumps, the curves - even the impacts of other cars. Challenge yourself or go for head-to-head competition against up to eight friends.

    Derby Owner's Club
    A truly awesome stadium-like simulator for one to eight players lets you become trainer, jockey, and owner of a thoroughbred racehorse! And with individual player cards, you can keep your personal best on record.

    Jumping Jackpot
    As players jump over the virtual jump rope, the letters of the word "Jackpot" begin to light up. As each letter lights up, the speed of the rope increases. When all of the letters are lit, the player wins the ticket jackpot!

    Nothing But Net
    Got game? Bring it! Go one-on-one with a friend for an adrenaline packed b-ball shootout or play against yourself and the clock. You shoot...you score!

    Pump it up
    Dance game fanatics love this latest, greatest dance simulator for its hot new music and multiple head-to-head dance-off game modes.

    Lever! Lights! Action! This exciting, easy to play and totally addictive game is the ultimate test of reflexes and skill - just stop the spinning on cue and you'll walk away a winner.

    Super Trivia
    Test your smarts against up to 6 competitors in this quick thinking trivia game. You'll feel like a contestant on a real game show as you answer questions from several different categories. Prove to know more than your competitors and you'll be awarded with tickets.

    Ghost Squad
    This intensely realistic game lets you become a member of a special-forces team fighting terrorists. One or two players battle the enemy with powerful weapons, special features and one dangerous mission.

    House of the Dead 3
    Like fighting zombies? House of the Dead 3 has armies of 'em! One or two players can shoot down masses off the pesky undead as they travel different routes and advance to the next level.

    House of the Dead 4
    Zombies don’t need to rest, and if you’re going to play this game, neither do you. Navigate through six intense stages of un-dead attackers armed with only a machine gun, a few grenades, and your bare hands.

    Be Rambo! Follow the history of Rambo as seen on the big screen, with the legendary movies becoming an action packed video game. Use machine guns, bows & arrows and daggers to fight against enemies, helicopters, tanks and hidden targets in this exhilarating shooting game.

    Razing Storm
    Razing Storm's gameplay revolves around the use of the action pedal: step on the pedal to attack, and release it to hide and reload. The game's stunning System 357 graphics shine in HD on the 60" DLP monitor.

    Star Wars Trilogy
    Choose your mission in this incredibly realistic take on the blockbuster movies. Fly, shoot and test your Jedi skills with the mighty lightsaber while being spurred on by the original film score, dialogue… and the force, of course!

    Terminator Salvation
    Terminator Salvation captures all of the thrills and excitement of the mega-hit movie and then some. Adorned with glowing neona rifle holders and a replica T-600 (with glowing red eyes) marquee topper, this is the ultimate "showcase" piece! An impressive 42" LCD Panel puts players right on the firing line as droves of T-600 robots attempt to thwart your resistance.

    Time Crisis 4
    Talk about being in the middle of a crisis. This multi-screen battle system with 180-degree movement allows enemies to attack your from both sides and forces you to create new tactics to beat them - and the ticking clock.

    Airline Pilot
    Fly a commercial Boeing 777 aircraft, by day or by night in this incredibly realistic three-screen flight simulator that is unsurpassed in sky-high fun.

    Artic Thunder
    Experience seat-shaking snowmobile action in a power sled game that's airresistible to adrenaline junkies. Join up to four friends and feel the wild stunts and awesome freefall drops. Sweet!

    Fast and Furious
    Shift gears and race one of 17 different tricked-out rides. You can choose from over 12 different road courses and increase your score by performing various stunts. You’re guaranteed to feel every twist and turn your car makes.

    Fast And Furious Super Bikes
    Super Bikes may be the deepest motorcycle game ever released in the arcade sure to provide endless fun. You choose from many licensed motorcycles and you also get to choose your rider. Like The Fast and the Furious, you get to upgrade your bike with NOS, bigger engines, tires and more.

    Ferrari F355 DLX
    This true simulator puts you in charge of your own Ferrari. Train, cruise or race against friends for the most realistic and thrilling ride imaginable. It's red, it's fast, it's loud, it's ready.

    Harley Davidson: LA Riders
    In this Dave & Buster's favorite, each player gets to actually ride a huge sit-down hog with realistic action based on your movements. Experience distinctive engine noise and handling on a Harley passing the checkpoints within the time limit. There are many custom bikes to choose from and you can ride with up to four players!

    Need For Speed Carbon
    Need for Speed Carbon is the newest installment in the Need for Speed series of arcade games. It features Tuners, Exotics, and American Muscle cars competing on urban street and drift tracks. Players will drive for their reputation on some of the most exciting tracks ever!

    Rush 2049
    Drive into the future with up to four friends and hit the streets of San Francisco where hidden gold coins await you. Rack up the mileage to "unlock" the underground secrets and rewards!

    Tokyo Cop
    Take the role as one of four police agents as you go after criminals in Tokyo. Earn promotions and experience realistic driving movement as you clear the streets of dangerous criminals. Go solo on the beat or play with a friend to work as a crime-fighting team! Extreme Hunting
    No permit required! Choose one of three pump-action rifles and go hunting on your own or with a friend for big game like deer, moose and bears.

    Golden Tee
    From long drives to birdie putts, this is the most exciting golf game out there. You can play challenging courses like Mystic Hills, Blue Stone, Shadow Swamp, and Kiwi Springs. This version also features expanded tee placement, improved commentary, and awesome new sound effects. FORE!

    Madden Football
    Accurate team rosters and groundbreaking graphics deliver the real stadium experience to football fanatics. Every NFL team is in here, so choose yours and play against the computer or up to four friends.

    NFL Two Minute Drill
    The 2 minute drill is the most unique and interactive sports game. The playfield of the game is 100% interactive with FOUR random "pop" out targets in which your skill is definitely tested. It also includes 3 different sized scoring holes for each skill level. Play to achieve "hall of fame" status.

    PGA Golf
    Get teed off! The world's best courses combine with challenging real-life scenarios and stunning graphics to make this game your personal, virtual country club. Up to four players.

    Super Shot
    This exciting new twist on shooting hoops features moving backboards and four game play modes to choose from. Go against up to six friends in head-to-head mode or just shoot it out against the clock.

    Two arcade classics are back with all the fast-paced action you remember. Blast your insect enemies before they can reach you as they squirm and twist through a maze of obstacles.

    Donkey Kong
    Play the classic game that gave birth to Mario! See if you can avoid barrels thrown by Donkey Kong and avoid the other obstacles to save the day.

    Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga
    Get twice the classic arcade in one! Ms. Pac-Man eats dots, wears a bow and has to avoid the ghosts - how many bonus animations can you get? In Galaga, shoot and dodge the aliens and you'll be rewarded.

    Space Invaders
    Go retro cool with the 25th Anniversary Edition of the original space shooter. You've got a tank and waves of aliens on your hands. Go get 'em!

    Interactive photo booth. It is the world's first interactive multi-person photo/video booth and the first new development in photo booths in 90 years! The traditional photo booth has been around since the 1920s and has remained unchanged-until now.

    QuadAir Hockey
    Discover the new and innovative concept in playing air hockey with 2, 3 or 4 people.

    Dirty Drivin'
    Battle with your friends or against a CPU rival for intense competitive action. The motto of Dirty Drivin' is "Drive Dirty...Fight Dirty!"