Power Card®


With Power Cards® there’s no need to fumble with coins to play awesome games! Simply charge your Power Card in-store at a Charging Station kiosk, at the front desk, with your server, or on the go using our Charging Station App – and you’re ready for fun! You decide how much money to put on it, and because it’s reusable, it can be recharged at any time. Your winnings are stored until you’re ready to redeem them for prizes in the Winner’s Circle.

What’s a


When you charge your Power Card® you are purchasing chips. These chips are used to pay for many of the games in the Dave & Buster's Midway. Different games require different numbers of chips.

Dave & Buster's Power Card

What’s a


Many games in the Dave & Buster's Midway offer opportunities to win tickets. Tickets can be redeemed in the Winner’s Circle for prizes.

Check Power Card® Balance

Enter your Power Card number and PIN to view your current chips, tickets and Rewards point balances. Power Cards without a 4 digit PIN number on the back of the card can only be checked in-store. To check via phone, call (888) 300-1515.

Back of the Power Card
Face Error OOPS!


Invalid Power Card Number

Invalid PIN Number

Check Mark

You have {{cardBalanceChips}} CHIPS to use on games!

You have {{cardBalanceTickets}} TICKETS to use on prizes!

You have {{rewardsPointBalance}} POINTS & are {{pointsToNextReward}} POINTS away from your next Reward!

Join Rewards and REGISTER your Power Card to receive points for every dollar you spend in store! SIGN-UP NOW!

 Supercharge your Power Card® 

25% more chips

$10 = 48 chips ⇒ +$2 (+12 chips)
$20 = 100 chips ⇒ +$3 (+25 chips)
$25 = 135 chips ⇒ +$4 (+35 chips)
$35 = 200 chips ⇒ +$5 (+50 chips)
$50 = 300 chips ⇒ +$6 (+75 chips)
mega chips $75 = 550   or   $100 = 750

 4 Player Pack (includes FREE supercharge)
$25 cards = 170
 chips each
$35 cards = 250 chips each
$50 cards = 375 chips each

$5 = 24 chips also available. Power Cards are rechargeable. $2 activation fee for NEW Power Cards includes 10 chips. See store for details.

Charging Station App
Power Up On The Go & Keep On Playing!

Download the Dave & Buster's Charging Station App now and Power-Up your Power Card® right from your Smartphone. With exclusive in-app coupons and improved notifications, you'll save time & money!††


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Power Card & Power Tap Terms & Conditions

Restrictions apply. See Official Rules for details.
See Terms & Conditions for details.