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Maximum 6 minors to 1 adult.

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Mon-Fr 4:30-7pm
1/2 Price Cocktails
Beer & Wine Specials

Late Night Happy Hour
Sun-Thurs 9-11pm
1/2 Price Cocktails
Beer & Wine Specials

Power Hour
Mon-Fr 4:30-7pm
60 minutes of video
game play for only $10

Dallas Mavericks vs Houston
Rockets Watch Party
Wednesday, April18 7pm

Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athletics
Watch Party
Wednesday, May 16 7:05pm

Race For The Cure Carb Up
Post Party
May 26, 2012 4pm

8021 Walnut Hill Lane | Dallas , TX 75231 | 214-361-5553

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    Original Coronarita™
    7 oz Corona® engulfed in a refreshing margarita made with Sauza® Blue 100% Blue Agave Silver tequila, DeKuyper® triple sec and a squeeze of lime.

    Watermelon Coronarita™
    7 oz. Corona® engulfed in a refreshing margarita made with Sauza® Blue 100% Blue Agave Silver tequila, DeKuyper® Watermelon Pucker,® Finest Call® Watermelon puree and margarita mix.

    Key Lime Coconut Margarita
    A slice of tropical paradise. Made with Sauza® Blue 100% Blue Agave Silver tequila, Malibu® Coconut rum, Pinnacle Key Lime vodka, Coco Reàl® cream of coconut and margarita mix.

    Strawberry Watermelon Margarita
    Sauza® Blue 100% Blue Agave Silver tequila, DeKuyper® Watermelon Pucker®, Finest Call® Watermelon puree, and Minute Maid® Lemonade shaken and poured over strawberry-flavored ice cubes.  

    Perfect Patrón® Margarita
    The margarita, perfected. Patrón® Silver tequila and Patrón® Citrónge create the perfect margarita. Your only decision is rocks or frozen.

    Million Dollar Margarita
    Our flagship cocktail mixes Hornitos® Reposado 100% Blue Agave tequila with Tuaca® liqueur and Grand Marnier® to deliver this delicious premium margarita.

    Strawberry Banana Margarita
    Life is sweet when we mix 1800® Silver tequila with Crème de Banana, Strawberry Bacardi® Premium Mixer and Cointreau®.

    Peach Margarita
    Perfect and peachy. Made with Hornitos® Reposado 100% Blue Agave tequila, Cointreau®, peach puree, lime juice and club soda.

    Watermelon Margarita
    This pick of the patch will have your mouth watering. Made with Hornitos® Reposado 100% Blue Agave tequila, DeKuyper® Watermelon Pucker®, margarita mix and cranberry juice for a taste of summer anytime.

    Skinny Margarita
    A low-calorie classic made with Margaritaville Tequila Gold®, triple sec and low-calorie sour mix.

    Mango Margarita
    A tropical twist on the classic margarita. Made with Sauza® Blue 100% Blue Agave Silver tequila, Patrón® Citrónge, Cruzan® Mango rum, mango puree and citrus margarita mix.

    Long Island Iced Teas

    D&B TNTea ®
    Our dynamite version of the classic Long Island Iced Tea! We blend ABSOLUT® vodka, Tanqueray® gin, and BACARDI® Superior rum, then add Grand Marnier®, sweet 'n' sour and Coca-Cola®. Served in a souvenir glass that's yours to keep.

    Skinny Long Island Iced Tea
    Here's the skinny on this low-calorie classic. Made with SKYY® vodka, BACARDI® Superior rum, Beefeater® gin, triple sec, low calorie sour mix and Diet Coke®.

    Texas Sweet Tea
    A Southern favorite with a twist. BACARDI® Limón rum, Seagram's® Sweet Tea vodka and Minute Maid® Lemonade topped with Coca-Cola®.

    Berry Berry Berry Tea
    A triple super-fruit blend of Blueberry, Açaí, & Pomegranate with ABSOLUT® Berri Açaí, DeKuyper® Razzmatazz®, Seagram's® Sweet Tea vodka and Minute Maid® Lemonade.

    Long Island Peach Tea
    It's not short on flavor. Smirnoff® vodka, peach schnapps, Southern Comfort® and Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum® with sweet 'n' sour and Sprite®.

    Mojitos & Sangrias

    Traditional Mojito
    Translation: incredibly refreshing. Enjoy Cuba's traditional cocktail that blends BACARDI® Superior rum, mojito mix, fresh mint leaves, lime and a splash of club soda.

    Tropical Mojito
    A tropical blend straight from the islands. Cruzan® Mango rum, mojito mix, pineapple juice, fresh mint leaves, crushed pineapple, lime and a splash of club soda.

    Cherry Berry Mojito
    A super-berry blend of Cruzan® Black Cherry rum, mojito mix, strawberry puree, fresh mint leaves, lime and a splash of club soda.

    Red Sangria
    It's the best of both worlds for wine lovers and cocktail fans. Merlot, Cruzan® Mango rum, brandy, Monin® Red Sangria and orange juice.

    White Peach Sangria
    Fresh, fruity and delicious. Ecco Domani® Pinot Grigio, Cruzan® Mango rum, brandy and peach puree.

    Frozen Concoctions

    Banana Split
    We blend Créme de Banana with white crème de cacao, a scoop of ice cream and Strawberry BACARDI® Premium Mixer for a taste you’ll love a bunch.

    Lava Flow
    We mix BACARDI® rum, Piña Colada and Strawberry BACARDI® Premium Mixers for a tasty explosion of color and tropical flavor.

    Snow Cones

    We’ve made this blast from the past even better than you remember. With your favorite liquors and liqueurs mixed in, get a taste of these true snow cone classics.

    DeKuyper® Watermelon Pucker®, Malibu® Coconut rum, Pinnacle Cherry vodka, DeKuyper® blue curaçao, a splash of Sprite® and pomegranate syrup.

    Smirnoff® Watermelon vodka, Midori®, DeKuyper® Watermelon Pucker® and a splash of Sprite®.

    Miami Ice
    SKYY Infusions® Coconut vodka and Malibu® Coconut rum mixed with Minute Maid® Lemonade and Strawberry BACARDI® Premium Mixer.

    Blue Razz
    Cruzan® Raspberry rum, Stoli® Razberi™ vodka, DeKuyper ® blue curaçao, Minute Maid® Lemonade and margarita mix.

    Strawberry Mango
    Cruzan® Strawberry rum, Cruzan® Mango rum, Minute Maid® Lemonade, mango puree and Strawberry BACARDI® Premium Mixer.

    Signature Cocktails

    The Shizzle
    Not one, but two flavors of rum – Malibu® Coconut and Malibu® Pineapple – in the mix with smooth Stoli® Vanil™ vodka and pineapple juice.

    Miami Ice
    Skyy Infusions® Coconut Vodka and Malibu® Coconut Rum mixed with Minute Maid® lemonade and Strawberry Bacardi® Premium Mixer.

    Candy Shop
    You’ll love our candied combo of DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker®, Smirnoff® Watermelon vodka, Sprite® and cranberry juice garnished with fresh lime and a cherry. Sweet!

    Caribbean Fantasy
    Try our mix of Malibu® Coconut rum, DeKuyper® crème de banana, pineapple and orange juices with a dash of pomegranate syrup, and you’ll feel like you’re on the islands.

    Walk The Plank
    Created by our mixologist in Irvine, CA, and fun to drink, even if you haven’t done anything naughty. Captain Morgan® Original Spiced Rum, Malibu® Coconut rum, DeKuyper® Peachtree® peach schnapps, pineapple juice, orange juice and pomegranate syrup.

    Mango Cooler
    A vibrant and refreshing blend of ABSOLUT® MANGO vodka, peach puree, orange juice and a splash of club soda.

    Hawaiian Mai Tai
    Hula dancing and a luau can’t be far behind when you try this recipe of Captain Morgan® Original Spiced Rum, BACARDI® Superior rum, DeKuyper® triple sec, lime and pineapple and orange juices with a Myers’s® Original Dark Rum floater.


    The Big Apple
    The taste of a crisp apple – the sophistication of a martini. Smirnoff® Green Apple vodka, DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker® and lime juice.

    Purple People Eater
    Ever notice nothing rhymes with purple? Contemplate that fact over a martini layered with Stoli® Ohranj™ vodka, HPNOTIQ®, DeKuyper® Island Punch Pucker® and tart cranberry juice.

    Classic Cosmopolitan
    Add some style to your martini with this blend of ABSOLUT® Citron vodka, Grand Marnier and a splash of cranberry juice.


    Premium Domestic
    Miller® Lite
    Coors Light®
    Blue Moon™ Belgian White
    Bud Light®
    Michelob Ultra®
    Samuel Adams® Boston Lager
    Smirnoff® ICE
    O'Doul's® Non-alcoholic
    Angry Orchard® Crisp Apple Cider

    Corona® Extra
    Corona® Light
    Modelo® Especial
    Dos Equis XX®
    Heineken® Light
    Newcastle® Brown Ale
    Stella Artois®
    Bass® Ale
    Guinness® Draught


    Sparkling Wine
    Lunetta Prosecco

    Blush Wine
    Beringer® White Zinfandel

    White Wines
    Ecco Domani® Pinot Grigio
    Columbia Crest® Two Vines Chardonnay
    Kendall-Jackson® Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay

    Red Wines
    14 Hands Vineyards Merlot
    Robert Mondavi Private Selection™ Cabernet Sauvignon


    Diet Coke®
    Hi-C® Pink Lemonade
    Dr Pepper®

    Pineapple Juice
    Orange Juice
    Cranberry Juice

    Regular & Decaf Coffee
    Hot Tea
    Brewed Regular & Peach Iced Tea

    S. Pellegrino®
    Nestlé Waters® Regional Spring Water
    IBC® Root Beer
    Red Bull® Energy Drink
    Red Bull® Sugarfree

    Frozen Drinks

    Tropical Smoothie
    An island getaway. A savory blend of strawberry, coconut, pineapple and Red Bull®.

    Made with real ice cream, hand-dipped and blended until smooth. Available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

    Million Dollar Slush
    A blend of sweet 'n' sour, orange juice and Red Bull®. Tastes like a million bucks.

    Strawberry Slush
    Having trouble "picking" a flavor? Look no further. Our strawberry slush made with Red Bull® has all you need to satisfy your thirst.