House Policies
Maximum 6 minors to 1 adult.

Happy Hour
Mon-Fr 4:30-7pm
1/2 Price Cocktails
Beer & Wine Specials

Late Night Happy Hour
Sun-Thurs 9-11pm
1/2 Price Cocktails
Beer & Wine Specials

Power Hour
Mon-Fr 4:30-7pm
60 minutes of video
game play for only $10

Dallas Mavericks vs Houston
Rockets Watch Party
Wednesday, April18 7pm

Texas Rangers vs Oakland Athletics
Watch Party
Wednesday, May 16 7:05pm

Race For The Cure Carb Up
Post Party
May 26, 2012 4pm

8021 Walnut Hill Lane | Dallas , TX 75231 | 214-361-5553

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  • Bacon-wrapped Beef Medallions & Grilled Shrimp

    Grilled Balsamic Chicken
    Our chef-crafted menus combine fun with flavor, using only the freshest ingredients in every dish.

    Chicken & Shrimp Rockefeller*
    Our grilled chicken breast is topped with a creamy spinach sauce, diced roasted tomatoes and sautéed shrimp. Mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli make your meal complete.

    Chicken & Waffles
    Three chicken tenders coated in a crushed Lay’s® Potato Chips crust, fried to a golden brown, topped with country gravy and then served on Belgian waffles. Oh, and it’s all totally smothered in syrup.

    Bistro Steak & Shrimp with Lobster Alfredo*
    Serious surf AND the tastiest turf. We start with a 5 oz. Sirloin steak on a bed of linguine, then top it off with shrimp, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and a lobster Alfredo sauce.

    Island Grilled Trifecta*
    Skewers of honey-teriyaki-glazed Sirloin steak, seasoned chicken breast and tender shrimp, grilled and served on a bed of spicy rice medley. Served with pineapple pico de gallo, teriyaki BBQ sauce, and mango citrus sauce for dipping.

    Bacon-Wrapped Beef Medallions & Grilled Shrimp*
    Marinated medallions of Sirloin steak wrapped in bacon, alongside garlic herb shrimp. Char-grilled and served with a medley of oven-roasted vegetables and new potatoes, accompanied with a side of tomato and basil Bruschetta.

    Black Jack BBQ Chicken
    Two chicken breasts, grilled and glazed with our sweet BBQ sauce made with Jack Daniel's®. Served with loaded garlic mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables.

    Fire Grilled Salmon*
    Center-cut Atlantic salmon rubbed with Louisiana spices, chargrilled and topped with our peppercorn garlic butter. Served with sautéed spinach and spicy rice medley.

    Legendary Goldfingers
    Not only is this legend for real, it's one of D&B's all-time original
    favorites. Hand-breaded, crispy fried chicken tenders served with seasoned French fries and chipotle honey sauce, it won't take long to figure out why.

    Grilled Balsamic Chicken
    Grilled chicken breast drizzled with a rich balsamic reduction, served with a medley of oven-roasted vegetables and new potatoes, accompanied with a side of tomato and basil Bruschetta.

    Fried Shrimp Platter*
    Tender shrimp, fried crispy and served with chipotle honey sauce and seasoned French fries.