Dragonfrost™ VR

Embark On The Ultimate Winter Quest

Light And Darkness Collide. A Frozen, War-Torn Land Needs Its Savior...

The Fire Prince lays prisoner in a cold and desolate castle after being kidnapped by his evil brother. Under the cruel reign of The Ice Prince, the Kingdom of Dragonfrost™ may never see light again. It will take a hero to defeat his evil army. A hero to restore peace and sunlight to the realm. Is that hero you?


Feel the chill in vivid 3-D as you brave a cold, unforgiving terrain. Your rescue mission will see you confronted with frightening, life-like enemies, bent on your destruction. Immersive 3-D explosions that erupt right before your eyes as you battle the dangerous forces of the Ice Prince. Will you emerge victoriously?


Experience a majestic kingdom from the sky as you course through the wintery air on the wings of a dragon. Behold a storm of fire and ice as your blazing arrows penetrate the crystal fortresses of the evil Army of Ice. Only you can restore summer to the land. Only you can end the war.

Restore sunlight and summer to the kingdom of Dragonfrost™

The fate of a civilization hangs in the balance. The Fire Prince remains a prisoner in the clutches of his evil brother. Will you be the savior that restores summer to the land? Rise to the challenge and meet your quest this holiday season, only at Dave & Buster’s.

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