TEN New Games at D&B This Summer

There are TEN new games at D&B that you can play ALL.SUMMER.LONG. Are you ready for an EPIC summer in the great indoors? 

The new games are multiplayer, ranging from two to EIGHT players. So, bring your friends and make D&B your ultimate hangout spot this summer.  

The Dave & Buster’s amusements team was hard at work to bring the best games to D&B. Most of the games are exclusive to Dave & Buster’s and they are all games that are loved by D&B fans across the country. 

Ok, let’s get to the good part:  


Top Gun: Maverick (Exclusive to Dave & Buster’s) 

Buckle up for the ultimate ride alongside one of Top Gun’s main movie characters. This VR game puts you in the backseat of a fighter jet, where you become the weapon’s officer. This VR game pushes the motion simulator to its limits for a five-minute action-packed adventure.  

Transformer’s Decepticon Invasion 

Based on the original 1980’s comics, but with a modern look, this VR game brings you and your friends on an Epic mission to save the Earth from Decepticons. Each player will join the game together, but will then go on their own amazing mission, then everyone will meet up together at the end.  


Dodgeball Ultimate Arena 

Remember playing dodgeball in gym class during the hot summer months? Well now you can play dodgeball with your friends in the great INDOORS. This four-player game is a top performer, and guaranteed fun. Use a real dodgeball and play against both moving and static targets that light up.  

Break The Plate 

This is the ultimate carnival game with a modern twist. Compete against your friends in this two-player game that mixes video technology with the physical action of throwing a ball to break plates. Break The Plate is addicting and captures the eye – you and your friends will love playing this game multiple times.  

Wicked Tuna 

Based on the riveting TV Series, Wicked Tuna, that follows fishermen on dangerous waters, this game pulls you into the action! This four-player game is one of a kind. Reel in your best catch to be deemed the winner. There’s even a fun surprise catch at the end of the game! Do you have what it takes to catch the best tuna in the sea? 

Jurassic World Jungle Jackpot (Exclusive to Dave & Buster’s) 

Test your skillset against your friends with this two-player game! Jeeps traverse the island, and you must push them over with just the right amount of force. If you win the jackpot, this game offers a free second chance at hitting the ultimate jungle jackpot, making it 3x’s the jackpot win! 

Bobblehead Baseball 

If you’ve always wanted to join major league baseball, this is the game for you. Play against the pitcher as your favorite batter to earn the grand slam jackpot! This game is exclusively at Dave & Buster’s through July.  


Superbikes 3 (Exclusive to Dave & Buster’s) 

A fan favorite – Superbikes 3 offers new game enhancements that are exclusive to D&B. Race against your friends in this four-player game on an exclusive Dave & Buster’s track. Not feeling the race bikes? Try your luck with racing a Unicorn!  

PAC-man Chompionship 

This is the ultimate group game, having a capacity for EIGHT players! This PAC-man style game is energetic and fun. Play against all your friends in this battle royale.  


You love the original, and now you get to experience all new maps. This game gets an upgrade this summer with FIVE new experiences:  

  • Wall of China 
  • Catacombs 
  • Ride Mood Thunder 
  • Space Chase 
  • Glacier Race  
Now that you have an inside look at all TEN EPIC games at Dave & Buster’s this summer, which game will you choose to play first?  
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