Date night is game night!

We welcomed Sara and her boyfriend to an evening full of good eats, good fun, and a bit of friendly competition. 

First things first, food! (Duh.) It’s simple, you can’t game on an empty stomach. But what to choose when there are over 23 new chef-inspired meals as part of our Summer of DING DING DING new menu!? Seemed like an easy pick for Sara. Her and her boyfriend went for the savory Fire Grilled Steak Dinner and the Big Daddy Chocolate Cake for dessert. 

MMM, delicious! 

Not everyone’s stomachs were full though…

It was off to our brand new HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS game where Sara would compete to hold onto her flawless record. A win streak of NEVER LOSING! The competition was fierce but the win streak still stands.

It seems there was a theme of axes as the date continued, and they were off to Hatchet Hero (a D&B original game) and our newest Minecraft Dungeons Arcade game. 

Sara says it best, “They even have an all-new game called Hatchet Hero which totally made me feel like I was at one of those trendy ax-throwing places (but so much less expensive & no risk of losing your toes)” 

Glad to hear you left with all your toes, Sara.

Whether you're feeding hippos, throwing axes, or beating highscores, get rewarded for all the gaming you do by using our Dave & Buster’s Power Cards. It’s easy to play all your favourite games and collect tickets too!

Now, doesn’t that sound like a date? Good eats, good fun, and friendly competition. Visit one of our Dave & Buster’s locations and enjoy your next date night with us!
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