Let Your Spring Break Loose

It’s that time of year when the sun starts shining longer, palm trees are blowing in the wind, and the feel of ocean waves splashing onto your feet…until your phone rings and you quickly realize you’re sitting at a desk and not where you wish you were. Well, snap out of it and BREAK LOOSE FROM THE NORM because Spring Break is happening at Dave & Buster’s. This season we are bringing the fun so it doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 50, everyone can enjoy a Spring Break of their own!  

BREAK LOOSE FROM BORING FOOD and try our NEW Spring Menu that - for the first time ever - features STREET TACOS! Yes, you read that right, bite into a Carne Asada Street Tacos filled with marinated, grilled- to-perfection carne asada steak sprinkled with just the right amount of pico de gallo, cilantro and ancho lime creama drizzled on top for added razzle dazzle.  

If you don’t mind FRUIT on your TACO then go for the surprisingly delicious Mango Shrimp Street Tacos with all the fixings, sauteed shrimp complimented with a mango pineapple pico de gallo that adds the perfect amount of citrus and spice. Order as many as you can and feel good about it because with every dish ordered $1 is donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Now you’re eating good and being charitable…Go You!  

Additional Spring Features  

Sticky Tempura Popcorn Shrimp, a new bite-size appetizer that you literally cannot stop eating once you start. This delectable new item is the perfect mix between sweet & spicy bites packed with a ton of flavor!  

Shrimp & Asparagus Primavera, take a walk on the wild side with this vegetable packed pasta covered in a lemon white wine sauce (nuff said). Might I add the asparagus provides a nice crunch to this creamy pasta!  

Rustic Triple Berry Tart, break loose from the norm and order dessert first & thank me later! 

Three NEW cocktails have been added to the menu and you will certainly feel a bit of Spring in every sip.  

Hibiscus Rosemary Gimlet, the color alone gives you spring vibes, the taste makes you feel like you’re on a beach with a beautiful glass, rimmed with gold salt and garnished with a Rosemary Sprig!  

Strawberry Mango Boba Punch, WOW, D&B has elevated. We have actual boba in our drinks now!  

Tangy Tropical Rejuvenator, beautifully crafted and comes with real pineapple leaves. What is also cool about this drink is that it can be prepared as a non-alcoholic version that comes in cool tumbler!  

Jamaican Mai Tai, now this one isn’t new; however, it’s been updated to include a decorative Orchid that is edible…yep, you can drink Spring and eat it too!  

Don’t wait to try any of the new Spring menu additions because just like spring break, they are here for a limited time not a long time. So, place your orders before they’re gone on May 1st!  

In addition to the New Spring LTO’s the team has made various other updates to their beverage menu, so treat yourself and visit your nearest location today!  


With GIANT TV Screens (like some of the largest ever in a sports bar) it is better to catch a game or multiple games and receive a front row seat to the best viewing experience around. Think about it, you can stay happy during March Madness because you won’t have to worry about missing any of the action as you would in another bar…. Yea let’s face it, those smaller TVs at that other place just doesn’t cut it.  

😎 Happy Spring Break 😎
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