Winter Warm Up Menu

Chilly temperatures are here, but our new menu is FIRE 🔥

Our chefs went back in the kitchen and cooked up some hot new menu items to keep you warm this season.

Let’s get into it:

With Dave & Buster’s being a popular game day watch destination, and our flatbreads being a popular shareable item, our chefs gifted us with a NEW Black & Bleu Flatbread creation. This new flatbread consists of sliced sirloin, mozzarella, Parmesan, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, baby Arugula, Danish bleu cheese a yummy balsamic drizzle with a squeeze of lemon zest, now tell me your mouth isn’t watering 🤤

2 NEW Entrées have entered the chat:

Wow, now the next menu additions may surprise you, because it surprised us too, but man are we happy they are on the menu.

Surprise #1: NEW! Cajun BBQ Shrimp aka SHRIMP & GRITS 😲Yes, Dave & Buster’s has added a popular winter dish to the menu and man it is mind blowing. On a bed of cheesy grits lies a handful of seasoned shrimps soaked in a spicy creole sauce, I’m literally licking my lips thinking about it. It was so unexpected, but also so good. Consider this my new favorite reason to visit this winter!

Surprise #2: NEW! Butternut Squash Ravioli we are talking a plate served warm with large, squared ravioli filled with butternut squash and cooked in brown butter with fresh sage, candied pecans sprinkled throughout and fresh parmesan. It was so flavorful with a hint of sweetness I thought I was indulging in a guilty pleasure, but it was a healthy option, so I ordered one to go! 😁

Save water, drink cocktails

Because 2 NEW ones have been added to the menu. Any day of the week ending in d-a-y calls for the NEW! Peanut Butter Old Fashioned, which is made with peanut butter whiskey, Mexican chocolate bitters with the OG orange twist, because what’s an Old Fashioned without the orange twist?! I wonder if there is a limit on these because I can drink them all day 😊 So GOOD!  

NEW! Monkey Shoulder Punch made with Monkey Shoulder Whisky (yea, they are bringing out the top-notch whisky’s now), pineapple juice, passion fruit with a pineapple for garnish. It may look like a girly drink, but don’t monkey around with it 😉


Save the best for Last
Last, but not least, warm up your taste buds with a bite into the NEW! Apple Tart à la Mode dessert. Warm apple pie is the perfect winter treat even with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, YUM! 😋

Don’t wait to try any of the new winter menu additions because they are here for a limited time not a long time. So, place your orders before they’re gone on January 30th!

In addition to the New Winter Menu, the team has made various other updates to their beverage menu, so treat yourself and visit your nearest location today!

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