Welcome to the VR & Arcade place to be

In Camp Hill, PA

Escape reality and embrace endless VR fun at Dave & Busters. Step inside an immersive, 3D adventure and prepare to be transported to exciting new worlds by a 360 panorama of pulse-pounding sights and sounds. It's all happening at Dave & Buster's, where VR fun is virtually endless!
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For every $100 you spend on food, drinks or games, you'll get $10 FREE game play automatically added to your registered Power Card — just for having FUN!

The working week drags on, but time flies when you get lost in Dave & Buster's ultimate arcade and VR experience!  Enjoy massive HDTV screens, epic stadium sound, signature cocktails, and food galore.  Assemble your crew for infinite adult or family arcade fun and action-packed VR games.  Whatever you do—and boy there is lots to do—be sure to power up.  No cash, coins or hassle when you use your Power Card®.

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At Dave and Buster's
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  • Rampage
  • Jurassic Park Arcade
  • Halo: Fireteam Raven
  • Injustice Arcade
  • The Walking Dead
  • Quik Drop
Enjoy tons of amazing games at the

Ultimate Arcade in Camp Hill!

D&B Camp Hill
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3503 Capital City Mall Dr

Camp Hill, PA 17011

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Sun - Tue: Noon - 10:00pm

Wed: Noon - 11:00pm

Thu: Noon - 10:00pm

Fri - Sat: Noon - 11:00pm

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