To check the balance of a Power Card® without a 4 digit PIN number you must go in-store.


Power Cards

Do I need a Power Card to participate in the D&B Rewards Program?

Yes.  You can add an existing Power Card or purchase a new one to start receiving rewards!

Can I add the same Power Card to multiple Rewards accounts?

No, a Power Card can only be associated with one D&B Rewards account.

Can I have multiple cards associated to my Rewards account?

Yes, of course!

Will all my associated Power Cards work towards giving me credit?

Yes, any game play on any associated card will help you level up and earn rewards.

What do I do if I can’t add a card to my account?

Please contact our Guest Relations team at 888-300-1515.

How can I manage my Power Cards/How do I set up my Primary Card?

Power Cards can be managed within the “cards” tab. You can swipe left to select the Power Card and hit the toggle button to make changes to a specific card.

Food & Beverage

How can I receive credit on Food & Beverage purchases?

If using Xdine, you can enter your Rewards phone number or the Power Card number associated with your rewards account into the requested field to receive credit on all purchases. Upon purchase completion, your account will be updated within 48 hours.

If ordering through a waiter, be sure to provide your waiter with your Rewards phone number or the Power Card number associated with your rewards account.

What if I forget to enter my Rewards phone # during the Xdine process?

Once your check has been closed you can contact Guest Relations at 888-300-1515 to receive credit for your food & beverage purchases. Please have your receipt details on hand.

How much can I earn on Food & Beverage purchases?

1 bonus game play chip per $1 spent on F&B purchases on a max check of $50. Alcohol related purchased count if at least $5.29 of food purchase is on the same check. Multiple transactions within a four-hour period are counted towards the $50 max.

Do my bonus game chips expire?

Yes, bonus chips are available for 60 days. Once chips are redeemed, they will expire in 45 days.

Can I receive credit for the food I purchased during my Special Event?

No, Special Event related food purchases are excluded from receiving credit.


Where do I find the offers I have earned?

You can find any earned offers in the Messages tab at the top right of the Home and Challenges screen.

Where can I redeem my game play offer?

You can redeem a game play offer directly in the mobile app or with any team member.

Where can I redeem my food offer?

You can redeem a food offer with your waiter. If you’re ordering food with your mobile app, choose to pay with cash at the end and tell your waiter you would like to use an offer.

How does a Dave & Buster’s Team Member lookup my offers?

They can pull up a list of your offers using any Power Card associated with your D&B Rewards account or with your D&B Rewards phone #.


Why am I not receiving credit on any challenges?

Make sure you’re playing games with a card added/associated with your D&B Rewards account.  Sometimes, it may take a few minutes for challenges to update.

Why am I not getting credit for any food related challenges?

Food transactions are processed overnight, so you will not see any food-related progress until the next day in most cases.

Levels / Tiers

How can I identify my member tier status?

You can view your tier status on the home page in the top right corner of your app. Tier status levels include Player, Icon and Legend.

Do levels/tiers expire?

All game chips spent will reset to zero on January 31st each year, and all members that did not achieve ICON or LEGEND status will become a Level 1 Player.  The first annual expiration will occur on Jan 31, 2023.

What happens if I join mid-year?

Any guests that join after August 1st will be grandfathered into the next year, so you’ll have at least a full 12-months before your tier expires.

What does it mean to become an ICON?

Once you reach level 4, you become an ICON.  This means you now receive 10% bonus game chips on any Power Card purchase or re-charge.  There are additional benefits and surprises in store for our Legend Members throughout the year.

What does it mean to become a LEGEND?

Once you reach level 7, you become a LEGEND.  This means you now receive 15% bonus game chips on any Power Card purchase or re-charge.  There are additional benefits and surprises in store for our Legend Members throughout the year.

As an Icon or Legend member, will I still receive my bonus game chips on all purchases and recharges if I use a coupon?

No, coupon offers cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. For example, as an Icon member you automatically receive 10% bonus game chips on your purchase, if you decide to use a $20 for $20 coupon on that purchase, your 10% bonus game chips will not be applied.

How do I know how many tickets I have to redeem for prizes?

Ticket amounts are located on your Power Card/s that you have saved in your app, which are located on the “cards” tab. This goes for digital and physical Power Cards that were added to your app.