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After four decades building the most Iconic entertainment brand in the world Dave & Buster's is now offering the unique opportunity to own and operate a franchise location outside the USA to qualified investors and operators.





Dave & Buster’s is America’s favorite arcade full of all the hottest new games, a premium sports bar with gigantic HDTV's and a restaurant serving a chef-crafted menu and innovative cocktail list all rolled into one. 
People call it “eatertainment”. We call it Dave & Buster’s, the perfect place for a winning first date or a gigantic group event.

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Only available outside of the USA & Canada

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Dave & Buster's Inc. requires background checks for all serious candidates and you will be asked to submit personal and financial information.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Review the investor qualifications in the Franchise Questionnaire, submit the questionnaire and let’s go from there!

The world is your oyster! All markets are open except USA and Canada

If you meet the investor qualifications in the Franchise Questionnaire, it’s game on!

The initial approval process can take up to six weeks, from LOI to final contract can be up to twenty weeks.

There are various investment ranges, depending on size and the part of the world you want to play in. Generally speaking, you will need cash or proven financing of approximately $6 million- $8 million per store location and a solid business plan.

You bet we will! We will be by your side from the initial selection process until you open and beyond....

International franchise inquiries can be submitted to Dave & Busterʼs at internationaldevelopment@daveandbusters.com




Franchising information available here for Dave & Buster's.